Liberia and International Cooperation

In the absence of International co-operation, particularly so in telecommunications, it would have been difficult for countries of the world to subscribe to what is now considered as global standards and to work together in closing access gap between the haves and the haves not. International cooperation enables countries the opportunity to learn from each other experiences regarding the development of the telecommunications sector. The International Telecommunication Union, a specialized agency of the UN under whom all member countries cooperate has been proactive in setting the development agenda of the sector.  Information on ITU can be found on:

Several other organizations with focus to help accelerate the development of the sector play crucial role in inducing international cooperation among countries of the world.

Government of Liberia prioritizes Liberiaís participation in the various programs aimed at rapid development of the African regional telecommunications network, particularly the Pan-African Telecommunications networks (PANAFTEL), West Africa Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, (WATRA), and other continental bodies such as the ITU and WTO.